The relationship between a woman and her horse has never been told this way before, circumstance, karma, the universe or gods will whatever you want to call it brought them together.

The author, a naïve but strong willed girl and a driven passion tells the true story of how she met her dream horse. A compelling journey of trauma to freedom and one not without controversy, learning to find her-self first before developing a relationship with the wild equine.

Set in a biographic yet educative format, the friendly narrative describes how her world fell apart after suffering a burn-out in search for a new life and how the cherished but troubled horse taught her to not live in the past and overcome provocation.

Mia growing fast into a big friend

To escape the effort of traditional and sometimes violent methods she found solace in another way of training often frowned upon by modern equestrians.

A pivotal career move meant joining forces with her mentors and help change the way horses are trained world-wide. Life was looking up until her equine friend had an accident which changed everything.

The horse named Mia beat not just the odds but also pathed the way for other equines that are usually put to death for less horrendous fractures. The horse’s free will and determination to survive was and still is iconic. At the end of the recuperation their luck subsided with the discovery of a second fracture.

Once again the strong duo battled to find a way and allow Mia time in appropriate settings for her additional recovery. With the help and aid of many supporters they succeed but behind the scenes a different story unfolds.

29 August 2013 second x-ray of left hind leg fracture

At certain times feeling lower than low, Zoe fought her way back from the blackness of depression to find strength and be who her horses and students needed her to be.

Nothing is lost in the heart-warming story, only unimaginable gain due to the power of making decisions based on feeling and logic and in the moment. Whether you have a passion for horses or not, the accounts are empowering and contribute towards everyday life situations, one way or another.

Because of their prior relationship and how the tragic story unfolded they captured the heart of many nations. Often referring to the big and powerful mount as her professor she shares with you a key-hole vision of their life together in the hope to educate and inspire.

Currently you can follow the inseparable pair appreciating each day as it arrives, intercepting the mental and physical wounds of the past from doing further harm and sharing some knowledge of how you can become the leader of your life.